A brand of cheap, strong cider primarily drunk by the homeless and 14 year olds. Although technically a cider, the drink has never been within a mile of an apple. Liable to get you so shitfaced that you'll laugh, cry and urinate on yourself at the same time.
"I've only got £3 to spend, I'll buy White Ace instead of food"
by Jouen July 25, 2009
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Needed: 2 Players willing to take on the challenge + another acting as a referee.

1. Each of the players need to firstly buy a litre of white ace
2. The start commences on the referees signal.
3. The first person to drink the litre of White Ace is hailed as the winner of the round.
4. After a 10 minute break, another litre is purchased by each of the players and another round commences.

The winner is decided by either submission of one of the players, or a previously decided score to reach (i.e first to win three rounds).

Also, Under the referees discretion one player can be disqualified if he/she is being pussy and not drinking 'properly'. Meaning the other player is the winner.

If both players can't man up and drink, a forfeit is decided for both competitors by spectators of the event.
Person 1: How much of a man are you?

Person 2: I eat steak for breakfast

Person 1: Up for the 'White Ace Challenge' then?

Person 2: Game on son!
by tlsk5 October 08, 2011
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