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Sexual term; like a "spinner" but for anal sex. A "whirly girl" is a petite female who has had so much anal sex that her anus is super loose, thus allowing a man to "whirl" her around on his penis when she's riding him during sex. By extension it is a white girl who exclusively dates black men. Word originates from the Los Angeles rap scene.
That chick has taken it up the ass so much she is sure to be a whirly girl by now.
by Donkey Hodee February 06, 2017
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1. a girl who lives a "worldly" live. She just lives by the "pleasure principal" , living for today. That doesn't necessarily mean she's wasteful or recklessor irresponsible. She may or may not be wealthy. She's absorbed in the surrounding culture and loves to spread the joy around to others but not in a Care Bears or Pollyanna way (ugh)! She sees things with rose colored glasses and she wants you to be happy too. She's a Sunshine Girl.

2. a hit for an American new wave band named OXO in 1983.

The former lead singer of Foxy (big hit "Get Off") Ish "Angel" Ledesma formed OXO with guitarist Orlando, bass player Frank Garcia, and drummer Freddy Alwag.

OXO's one big hit "Whirly Girl" was originally entitled "Worldly Girl." The song was written about Ish Ledesma's wife. It mentions about her following the Rolling Stones "on all their tours" among other things.
1. Princess Stephanie of Monaco looked really gorgeous when she was younger. She used to hobnob with zillionaire playboys and have one night love affairs with actors, musicians, artists, European politicos and such. She's done some reckless substance abuse too. Now on TMZ's (I think) feature See Them All Growed Up! her skin looked all dried out, she's been divorced a few times and all she does now is work for charity causes on the sly. She has lived the carefree whirly/worldly girl life and now she looks a bit weatherbeaten and much older than she really is.

2. Madonna has lived up to her self-styled tag of Material Girl and she's had plenty of sex sex SEX with anyone she chose. She's been a material girl, a whirly girl and a worldly girl. Now she's 50 and you can see her facelifts, her legs look sculpted and who knows what else. Now she resorts to even stupider stunts like the mock Jesus- on-the-cross scenarios and that dumb tongue fight scenes with Britney and Xtina that got people yapping and yapping. Also, can she REALLY play that guitar? Or is that posing? Oh BTW, did I say she's had a lot of sex?

3. I was in a tavern in Toronto having a drink and playing a Trivia Game with a loony coin. The speakers were playing "Whirly Girl" by OXO. I guess that was a hit in Canada too.

4. Sara walks around the flowery park smiling at everyone and I'm on a bench waiting for her. She's off from her hectic job yet she greets me with open arms, kisses me and sits on my lap. I wrap my arms around her waist as she tells me about her funky and busy day. She's just bubbling with joyful cheer, she's full of energy. She's a whirly girl. I could be having a crappy day and here she is. She makes my day.

5. whirly whirly whirly girl
she's my whirly girl
she's my whirly girl...
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 10, 2009
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