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A male who's on a leash, led by his girlfriend. It can occur vice-versa where the girl is on the leash, but it's very rare. The male is not allowed to hang out with his bros, and has to listen to every word of his girlfriend.
Craig: "Hey babe, I'm going down to the pub with the guys. See you later tonight".
Jess: "You're not fucking going anywhere you little shit, you're giving me a manicure ASAP".
Craig: "Okay, I'm so sorry sweetie. I'll do it instantly. Why did I even think about hanging out with my best mates who I've known for 5 more years than you. I'm an idiot".
Josh: "Hey have you guys seen Craig? Said he was meeting us here".
Steve: "Nah man, no chance, he's a fucking whipped cunt these days".
Josh: "Yeah. Proper whipped cunt. *whichet*"
by Pepsi007 October 14, 2010
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