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An endangered race of people living in the tall grasslands of the Canadian North. They're name was given by the explorers who first came upon them, after they heard these creatures distinct call "where-the-fuck-are-we", said very fast and at a high pitched tone, and normally when they are seen jumping through the grass. They are a short people; the tallest grow to become 4 feet at the most. They are dwarfed in comparison to the the tall grass, which grows up to 6 and 7 feet. They have evolved to become great jumping beast, jumping up to 7 and 8 feet.

They live in tribal communities with chieftains as there leaders. The Wherethefuckarewees are deeply religious individuals, worshiping the great and almighty God Phalanx.

These people once spread across all of Canada and the Northern United States. After a series of wars between them and the buffalo, and later in history the oppressive white man(who used them as slave labor), the Wherethefuckarewees have become endangered and only live in the northern part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, and in the Northwest Territories.
Father: There is a mighty race of people, know as the Wherethefuckarewees, who linger about the grassland, you must avoid them children.

Son: Leah said she saw one!

Father: She is a liar.

Daughter: I did see one!

Father: Shut up.
by Toaby Christ January 09, 2011
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