Term used to described that of a volunteer fire department member on a rescue company. The member enjoys the company of plus sized women and a fine cigar. Remnants of used feline sanitary grit, kitty litter, is often found on his person.
Hey man did you see that Whatever It Takes with that Creeper? The glare from his bald spot blinded my sight from the oompa loompa looking thing he was talking to.
by The Rza, The Gza February 18, 2010
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This millennial update of the Swingin' 60's "Whatever turns you on" is a little bit more cynical, yet more open to so-called alternative lifestyles. Truly a "post-porn" phrase, it refers to the internal visualizations one does as fantasy to induce sexual arousal and ultimately, orgasm ("home"). Loosely, it can mean "Whatever makes you happy" or "There's no accounting for taste."
Gossip #1: Have you seen his new wife? She's half his age, and he insisted that she have breast implants done, and that she bleach her hair blonde!"

Gossip #2: Wow. Whatever takes you home, I guess, hmm?


Man #1: I'm painting my house canary yellow... What do you think?

Man #2: Whatever takes you home.
by david lincoln brooks March 24, 2006
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