The disarming response to the such questions as, "what are you doing?", "what are you talking about?, and "what is your problem?", substituting some words in your response to fit the question. It is a more polite way to tell that guy in english to fuck off. In order to be used correctly, you must say it the moment the question you are being asked ends. Usually starting with who, what, when, where, why or how, containing one of the contractions hasn't, aren't, won't, shouldn't, or wasn't, and containing a verb. Using it is an automatic +20 pts.
1) - U.S.A.: "who else have you bombed, afghanistan?"

- Afghanistan: "who haven't i bombed?"

2) -Jim: "God dammit, who here else has fucked my girlfriend?"
-Dan: "Honestly Jim, who hasn't fucked your girlfriend?

3)-Man 1: "What are you doing?"

-Man 2, interjecting: "I think the correct question would be what aren't i doing?
by Mr. Yell-O March 3, 2010
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