A compund sentence used to say "What The Fuck" and "Fuck You". used by online gamers when they face defeat and/or people who are to mentally or physically lazy to say/type "What the fuck?" and "Fuck you!" in separate sentences. This term is used rarely, but at the same time, used quite often.

me: What The Fuck You!
by munoz387 owns all! September 29, 2008
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Literally a combination of the expressions, "What the fuck?" and "Fuck you!/.," used(and not limited) to express both confusion and outrage. What the fuck you can also be abbreviated as WTFY(...), wtfy(...), or a have various combination of misused capitalization and spelling for a more bizarre tone(i.e. WtfU, etc.). WTFY can be expressed with an emphasis more lenient on outrage by first ending in an exclamation point, or to express more confusion by first ending in a question mark, both optionally followed respectively by their counterparts, or more of the same.
13.99 shipping and handling? WTFY!?

John: "Hey honey, I don't know you but I'm gonna try to be as obvious and degrading as I can to point out that I find you sexually attractive and my motive is to use you as an object."
Jane: "What the fuck you!?"

Brosky: "Hey dad, can I like borrow 400 dollars for my bills?"
Father: Puts down newspaper, "What the fuck you son?"
by Omega Dildoe June 8, 2009
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What do you want NOW. Stop always calling my name I am no longer your mother call me SALLY.

shut-up leave me alone get a life go to hell i am deaf are you dumb keep talking i can hear you i like what you're saying its a pleasure to speak with you again
Listening to my parents answer the telephone made me think they were really asking me "what the fuck you want now bitch."
by toiletmouth September 4, 2010
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Uttered when a vessel (usually sea-based) makes a wrong turn; accidentally uttered by Sue Simmons of WNBC-4 NY when she unexpectedly saw a cruise liner turn at an awkward angle.
"At eleven, paying more at the grocer, but getting less. We'll tell you how to get the most... what the fuck are you doing ?!"
by KadV October 13, 2008
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Favorite catch phrase of WNBC's Sue Simmons, first debuted May 12, 2008 and later seen on David Letterman.
"At eleven, paying more at the grocer, but getting less. We'll tell you how to get the most... What the fuck are you doing?!" - Sue Simmons
by shemadeabooboo January 1, 2009
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The phrase "What the fuck are you doing" aka "What on fucking earth are you doing" is commonly used by the teenage population. You would use one or BOTH of these phrases if you see someone.. say.... washing their car in 20 degree weather. In this case you would have to make some modifications such as....
by Andreuhh January 6, 2007
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the best way to end a conversation about a conflict or something stupid.
guy1: A tomato is a fruit not a vegetable.
guy2: No its a vegetable!
guy1: No, it's a fruit. see it says that a tomato is in the fruit family in Websters Dictionary!
guy2: You know what fuck you!
by man with the flow February 9, 2006
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