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1)One who has punched or regularly punches large sea-mammals.

2)One who exhibits the characteristics of the type of person who would enjoy punching large sea-mammals regardless of past events.

3)One who enjoys teasing others either harmfully or playfully.

4)Any man who enjoys, seeks out, and/or regularly engages in sex with larger than average women.

The connotations of this term in all it's uses can positive, but are usually derogatory.
1) "He's a convicted whale puncher."

2) "Watch out for her, she's a bone cold whale puncher."

3) "Don't listen to him, he's just whale punching."

4) "He's a whale puncher, and he gets a lot of action, but he says he can't afford any more dinner-dates."
by Kakapo March 25, 2009
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