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Most likely the best friend you will have. If you are lucky enough to meet someone like this. They put up with your crazy random personality and go along with it. Also they are very social. They will host parties all the time. And if you are lucky you will be invited. Unless of course you are a guy and its 'Girls Night Out'... But of course that was a given. Have a very broad vocabulary and will often make fun of your lesser vocabulary and insignificant knowledge of grammar. At times you may have to put up with this persons scandalous friends. But don't worry. It will be worth it in the end. You will be rewarded... Well hopefully. Maybe one day she will bear your bare bear children. (Which is a new species you two will create together. They will rule the world. And you can be proud of what you guys accomplished together). They are always good at keeping secrets and love to read. And you will treasure the time you spent together.
Guy 1: Dude... Like she is such a Whale Surfer. Look at her perfect knowledge of the English language.

Guy 2: Like No Way!! She's like obvi my best friend! Did I not tell you!!

*Guy 1 jumps off the nearest cliff from complete jealousy

Girl 1: Hey do you speak good...?

Girl 2: Well yes obviously I'm a Whale Surfer
by Walrus Lord July 10, 2013
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