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A lazy put together word, mostly used when texting. It means, "What it is", but merged together to make it easier to type or text. It usually means "How are you doing?" or "How's it going?" Only difference between this word and "what it is" is if said aloud, it is pronounced like some sort of infection (wah-dite-iss), so you sound a little idiotic when you say it aloud. Can be combined with Whadido (wad-idoo), which means "What it do", but you will immediately contract cancer upon doing this.

Diego: Yo, whaditis man. Just got home from work!

Oscar: Sick man. I'm dummy hungry, lets grab a bite.
(Talking IRL)

Diego: Hey, whaditis fam.
Oscar: um... excuse me?
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by Kelbon_HD August 13, 2017
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