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A sex game in which 9 girls line up, ass up, in a three by three formation and each girl shoves a dildo into their vagina. Then, a guy takes a spanker from a sex torture game and the girls must push the dildos out by squeezing their vaginas at random times and pull them back in by expanding their vaginas while the guy tries to hit as many dildos as he can within a minute. Each time a girl's dildo is hit, she must make a moaning noise while another guy tallies up the hits and the winner gets to join in a massive orgy between the girls and himself. The losers have to eat each others shit out of paper cups using each others foreskins.

WARNING: Unless in favor of abortion, do not try this game while pregnant!
Sweet my Whack a Hole set finally came, lets go get some sluts and have some fun.

Oh doesn't playing Whack a Hole just make you wanna kapoomba so loud.
by BOnoobies March 10, 2011
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when a woman partially deficates during vaginal sex. The man must quickly remove his penis from the vagina, and push the poop back in. this is referred to as whack-a-hole
chris: What did you do lastnight
theo: I played whack-a-hole with conway
chris: sounds cool, i'll try that with ryan.
theo: ya, but i want to try it with big darc.
by andrewconway May 25, 2006
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