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The best perverted movie EVER.

What to remember:
"She's playing the flute... kinky! Why are her clothes still on?"
"McKinley's a fag! McKinley's a fag with Ben!"
"Excuse me while I go hump the fridge... that's right, kids. I also smear mud on my ass..."
Max: "Hey, Zolin. What's your favourite part of Wet Hot?"
Zolin: "The barn scene wth the guys and the matching socks!"
by aaaeehlnnrrrsstu June 05, 2004
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The movie that defines Jew Camp !!!

Everything is correct in every detail except i would have to say that the heroin took it a little too far...

Most characters in this movie also appeared in Office Space.
McKinley: Arty, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to take a shower today.
Arty: Ok.
McKinley: 'Cause your parents are coming tomorrow and I don't want to get in trouble.
Arty: Sure.
McKinley: You haven't taken a shower once this summer. Not once in 8 weeks.
Arty: I will.
McKinley: You're covered in dirt. Take a shower.

-Wet Hot American Summer, a scene to remember
by Ereekita November 07, 2005
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