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A gang started some where in Oregon containing mostly caucasian males. Their gang colors are black and white, and one of their gang signs is the westside symbol on both hands and then arms crossed to make an X. The gang leader, Dawn, or Godfather is only known by very view people but is said to be one badass muda fucka. They're known to be total badasses and no one wants to fuck with them, and other gangs are scared shitless when faced face to face.
Exp 1:
person 1: Bro! did you hear about the gang fight between the Westside Whitey's and the Latin Kings last night?

person 2: Yeah man! shit went down last night.
Exp 2:
person 1: Man you see what went down last night?

person 2: Yeah Westside Whitey's really fucked that other gang up.
by nigboii February 10, 2011
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