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A usually shy guy who doesn't know how to approach girls that well. Even though he is very good with words, he wont use them to hurt people. Overall a very nice guy who sometimes has a lot going on, but would put it all aside for the people he loves. Always has good advice and if you take the time to get to know him, he even has a funny side. He likes movies and interesting stories and often plays video games. He doesn't judge skin color and he believes in the good in literally everyone.

For looks, sometimes a Westlin doesn't look all that, but his personality is better and stronger than any looks that a good looking person could have. He may not carry himself confidently, but he is confident in other people and truly believes in everyone that he loves. He's often very cute, and shy.
-"Hey did you see Bryson's kid, Westlin?"

-"He's an interesting character, definitely inherited his father's quietness, but he is open-minded."

-"Man, I love Westlin so much."
by celarayen May 30, 2018
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