Westlane is a bitch ass school with a bunch of fags. The bathrooms are absoulutely distusting and once you have seen the lunchroom you will shit your pants. All the teachers are retarted and they don't know how to properly teach a class and they're fights every other day. I do not recommend going to this school because all the beef here is too much to handle and if you want to survive you just have to avoid the hoodrats and hoes. Don't get caught up in this school because it's b/s and probably the worst school in Indiana.
"Bro have you heard about the school Westlane"
"Yeah bro, it fucking sucks."
by ∩ ɯoɯ ɓɐʎ March 18, 2019
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Full of criggas who cant use the n word.
Westlane: U look like a crigga

Crigga: yea u right
by OMgoksldnvok March 18, 2019
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