The western portion of New York State, which includes: Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Kenmore, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, and many others as well, but pretty much the bulk of the community lives in Niagara County and Erie County.
I live in Western New York!
by Hall Monitor Suze June 2, 2005
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WNY is filled with bad roads that they don’t fix also here is tailgaters and rubberneckers. Everybody drives like ass in this city either idiots that drive fast and have annoyingly loud cars to people that drive like grandmas. People are rude here and start shit with you for no reason. You also have people that are nosy and are in your business when they should mind there own. They say this city is the city of good neighbors BULLSHIT. When your attractive here you feel like a ghost like you don’t matter and your watching everybody have kids except you!!!! Then you will have people that are self centered and are all about themselves but don’t care about you and ask you anything about yourself so you can have a friendship or relationship with these people. The women here suck there either taken or when your out and about there eyes are everywhere else but looking at you! so you guys can flirt and hookup. Nobody wants to date attractive people here you see people here with less attractive people or people that look like they don’t deserve that girl and then you ask yourself “why is she with him” when she should be with a decent guy like me?. I hate this city the only thing good in this city is the food other than that this city is trash. I would rate this city a 1 star out of 5.
Uncle donald: Im happy i moved from western new york everybody here is an idiot…. i don’t miss this city one bit.
Me: yeah i dont blame you buffalo NY sucks!!!
by Furry2011 June 4, 2022
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Heres my thoughts of buffalo
1.) women here suck(good luck getting a girlfriend if your hot)
2.) roads suck(to many potholes)
3.) high taxes all this state cares about is money.
4.)idiots on the road( either slow or fast drivers cant win with this one plus loud exhaust cars no need to have your car loud) what are you craving attention loser?
5.) rude people (people like to start fights here for no reason)
6.) nosy people
7.) people ignore you if your hot you feel like an outcast
8.) people are all about themselves but never ask you anything about you!
9.) overpopulated city all people know how to do here is fuck! Its disgusting!
10.) only thing good here is the food other than that i don’t recommend this sorry city
11.) rubberneckers people holding up traffic to see an accident which is pathetic no need to hold up traffic
12.) you feel like a ghost here while everybody is happy having love and families (kids/children) and your without if your hot.

I wish someone would go out with me but this city sucks! And thats why im alone these are my thoughts on this city.
Me: these are my thoughts on western new york i dont recommend this city to anyone if they want to move or visit it would be a big mistake for you people.
by Furry2011 June 11, 2022
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