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A middle school in the Westerly, RI, that consists of grades 5-8. Moving the fifth graders was a bad idea, because they're uncomfortable and the eighth graders find their presence annoying. Grade 6 think they're the shit because they change classes for the first time in their life. Seventh grade, this is when they start to think they're allowed to get into serious relationships, like cuddling in bed together and making out, which is odd considering that THEY'RE 12, and they over-use the peace sign and kissy face, to much annoyance. Finally, there's the eighth graders, who literally just want to get the hell out of there and into the high school. Most of the teachers are Italian and annoying(like the students). 60% of the seventh and eighth graders are drug addicts, and the remaining 40% are either bitchy cheerleaders, the dumbass athletes, the super-smart kids, or the dancers and gymnasts. The food is awful, the principals ban popular clothing items such as North Faces and headbands because they're afraid of "formations of gangs," and most of the kids are white-ghetto and think they're hood.
Pod Chick: I go to Westerly Middle School!!11!!!!
Out-of-towner: Get the hell away from me.
by tony pajamas yo January 17, 2013
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