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A girl from Westerly Middle or High School that is not mature and they scream a lot. Also, they enjoy drawing on each other and editing many pictures. Pod Chicks will be seen over using the peace sign. Pod Chicks will be seen laughing at things that teachers say. Do not get confused with skater kids, ghetto kids, or goth kids. Original Definition- A girl who only has friends in their pod. Pod Kid can also be another term used which is for boys who act pod chicky by throwing things and doing genuinely annoying things. Most often seen with Pod Chicks. Pod Chicks make up 75% of our school. Damn.
Girl: AHHHHHH!!! Justin Bieber just got his hair cut. (Giggles obnoxiously)

Me: (Gets noose ready and grabs stool) Can't people just grow up? I HATE POD CHICKS!
by asian smurf 11 October 28, 2011
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