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The West side of Denton, Texas, located 30 miles North of Dallas, Texas. The side of the highway I-35N that mainly divides the poor people in Denton from the Rich people in Denton with exception of a few houses located by the lake off of loop 288 and a few historic houses downtown. West Denton includes Oakmont, Montecito, Forrestridge, and the new Key construction neighborhoods, the only neighborhood in west Denton that should not be there is Sundown Ranch. Yes sundown ranch has people in it that act like they have money but in reality are living in $90,000 at cost to builder knock off track homes.
The directions are pretty easy just cross under I-35 into Westenton. Do not go into Sundown Ranch though, the affects of the recession may send the people that live there into a fake big headed foreclosing uneasy cannabalistic attack on anyone that has more then $100 cash in their pocket. Those poor custom track home people, So sad.
by Dtowntruthteller July 28, 2009
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