When in the shower you ejaculate on your partner and it mixes with the water than you watch the semen trickle down to her kankle
hey my girl might be fat but atleast i get to see a westchester waterfall everyday
Westchester NY is apart of the upstate NY region, filled with young adolescents who think they are associated with Long Island even though they aren’t even remotely close to the Same thing because Westchester is upstate. People from Westchester tend to be referred to as cousin F^*#%#s and that couldn’t be a more accurate description. Westchester all in all is a want to be Long Island with worse food. To sum it up shortly, Westchester is upstate NY and it blows.
Long Island Kid: “What it’s like living upstate!?”
Westchester kid: “WeStChEsTeR iSnT uPsTaTe🤡”
by Almighty1738! December 15, 2021