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Located in Lavallette, NJ, which is the 8th best town to live in. Everyone here is rich...and probably richer than you. A smaller, more exclusive and private version of Mantoloking, very secluded. No one can afford house's or property here pretty much except the people who already live here. If you do under 25 m.p.h. to stare at all the mansions your probably a benny and wish you lived here. 98% of everyone who lives here is in the Lavallette Yacht Club and the West Point Island Civic Association. Majority of the population here: Italian. Wild parties and people who like to drink; one of the best places to be at the "jersey shore" as benny's refer to it. Close to Seaside but far enough away at the same time. Safest community out there. Quietest place on Earth during the winter. Everyone knows each other here so don't pretend like you fit in. Joe Pesci from Goodfellas/My Cousin Vinny lives here...enough said.
"I live on West Point Island
-Isn't everyone loaded there?
by jerseyg1rl April 18, 2011
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