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chav central, found here are all the scrubbers, skets and the WME smoking joints and drinking outside the corner shop called lallys. Here children as young as five can be found throwing stones at the flats either side of the shop but it doesn't matter because they probably live in them flats anyway. Again children as young as five will be found roaming the streets after 11pm. Then being called in by their mother who is their fathers sister, for dinner eaten from dog bowls.INBREDS!

All the local people who want to get on with their life in West Melton can't even walk down the street without being abused within every inch of their life often leading to suicidal grannys.
Other stereotypes have attempting living here these include; emos,goths and random little kiddies. Kids are one problem, dogs are yet another, just don't leave your fluffy little rabbit in the backgarden alone!!
also search rotherham
*An old, tired granny is walking down the street. A chav approaches her*

Chav: Yo, motherf**ker granny whats that on ya head?

Granny: A hat my dear (should never have passed through West Melton!)
by Fed Up Grannys. July 19, 2008
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