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Company owned by Jesse James to produce custom choppers. Very famous pop culture brand these days.
Tyson owns a custom bike from West Coast Choppers
by Denis Baldwin June 03, 2004
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An offensive insult made toward a Portuguese person.

The "West Coast" part refers to the fact that Pork-chops come from the west coast of Europe.

The "Chopper" part is short for pork-chop, another derogatory term towards Portuguese people.
Jerome: Hey Oscar
Oscar: What up?
Jerome: Fuck you, you fucking West Coast Chopper piece of shit!
Oscar: Shut the fuck up nigger!
by Kikey January 31, 2009
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While performing cunnilingus, the vagina is blown into, loading it up with a pocket of air. The performing party then grabs the woman's ankles and separates them in a manner resembling holding the handle bars of a low-rider motorcycle. The resulting queefs resemble the sound of a chopper.

Additionally, the ankles can be twisted for that extra bit of immersion.
Dom's mom loves the west coast chopper. Especially from Nick.
by Schlongo December 28, 2004
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