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The tightest form of human known to man. You will find these people in the great California Republic; residing in advanced cities like big bad Los Angeles; and throwing up westside signs and saying “fa sho” wherever they go.

Originally from the west side of India, these refugees looked on the map, said let's go some place that's warm year round; where people look as good as us; and where there are things to do indoor and outdoor, night and day.

They said, let's not be confined to a place where they have to keep bars open after 2am because it’s so damn cold and there's nothing to do during the day; let's go to a place where people are open-minded and realize Johnnie Walker Black Label is not the only alcohol available - that a real scotch connoisseur will tell you a single malt is true to the grain and that blended malts are merely a combination of leftovers for those with unrefined pallets; let us not use abrasive words and phrases like "that's hot", "kid", "son", "pre-game", "what it do"; let's not talk in weird accents that make words like "coffee" sound like "cawf-fee ”.

They said, let’s not travel underground and instead enjoy the sunlight and that while the sun may rise in the east, it always sets in the west.

They said to themselves - we are Sindhi, let us be tight, let us be from Cali. WESTSIDE.
West Coast Sindhis will be at YSA.
by Mr. Westside March 10, 2009
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