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Wesley College is a school located in Perth, Western Australia. Wesley College is widely recognised for its homosexual tendencies. Wesley is a school full of wimpy faggots who often have the sense that they’re 6 foot 5 with gang relations, although in reality they are just sorry, pillow biting, bums who thrive off their friends’ cock milk. Students at Wesley spend their free time in the bathrooms taking a 3 inch dick through a glory hole, sword fighting, skipping school to attend gay parades and comparing and measuring dick sizes (although neither of them get above 3 inches). They take great pride in having their asses widened to an extreme circumference and being sweeped in any sport they attempt to play.
Brian: oi did you hear Wesley College is having another social with Scotch?
Gordo: fuck mate they’re so bent, last time we played Wesley I went into their change rooms and tripped over a 12 inch dildo and while we were playing I went to tie my shoes and I saw the guy behind me unzipping his pants and started drooling.
by T💚💙C March 16, 2019
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A small safety school in Dover, DE. Students are pretty much from preppy midatlantic stock, unable to get into UD, Rutgers, Villanova, Penn State or Maryland
Student One: I'm going to Wesley College! I'm glad I didn't get into anywhere else. The other schools are too big anyway.

Student Two: Looks like I'm going to Wesley College. I guess it's better than no college at all.
by nugsso69 April 24, 2006
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Wesley College is a private school located in Melbourne, Australia. It is home to rich white students who wear a purple uniform which is known as the 'Purple poofter'. Wesley is well-known for making students bend over and get absolutely fucked over nothing. There are several groups of students that attend the shit school:

- White retards who are practically illiterate and usually jerks each other off while drinking Corona and plays footy.
- Dumbass crackheads who either works at Bunnings or doesn't work because they're so fucked on nangs.
- Greasy international students who smell bad and flexes by wearing Gucci slides.
- So-called 'Artists' who posts pictures of trees and rants about women rights while fingering themselves to the sound of nobody giving a single fuck. Lmao

The members of the faculty are also notorious for being absolute retards. As an example, if you take a camel with down syndrome and fuck it, the offspring will be a Wesley teacher.
Have you been to Wesley College?

Yeah, I have, it's such a shithole lmao.
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