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When a perfectly sane and logical girl that turns into a raging bitch at a "certain time" of the month. Reasons may or may not be related to PMS.

Unlike Werewolves, however, Werebitches are still aware of their actions the following day, yet they won't own up to it.
Man 1: "Lucy is a really sweet girl, but she totally lashed out on me last night all of the sudden."
Man 2: "Dude, it's normal, it was just that time when she turns into raging Werebitch."
by yazter May 29, 2011
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1 (of sexual relation) A werebitch is a werebitch because they require Alphas, as such may be female or male of any sexual orientation. Like domination, though be ready for rough play before submission.

2. (Of character relation) again not attached to gender, it describes a person whose loyal, dedicated, majestic, wild, and free; whom one does not want to cross as they irrationally become beasts that aim to kill.

3. (Of general relation) any person beautiful and serene; yet every so often as like lunar cycle they go wild in various ways of debauchery and release a subdued animalistic nature.

4. (Of least relation) used by males to describe females during menstrual cycle.
1.That Alpha's waking up my inner werebitch.

2. That werebitch tore them all up!

3. That werebitch will out crazy everyone at this party
4. She's a werebitch the next few days.
by Jeane Monroe January 24, 2018
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