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A person bitten by a Jew. On the next business day, you will grow a jewfro and invest large amounts of money on the stock market.
"Oh shit, that Jew bit you! You're going to become a WereJew!"
by johnmedlin May 18, 2010
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An ordinary man by day and night. However on special nights where the moon is only 1/16 visible he becomes a monster that has not been seen for 450 years, a Were-Jew. Many believe that the Were-Jew was created when Moses, the most Jewish man in all history of the Jews, had fought a Were-wolf while guiding his people to the promised land and had sustained an injury from the werewolf. But the werewolf injury could not overcome the Jewish zest of Moses and transform him into a were-wolf, instead made him much more powerful Jew when only 1/16 of a moon was out. Thus the birth of the Were-Jew. A man becomes a were-jew when he suffers a wound from another were-jew, the result is transforming into a Jew when only 1/16 of the moon is out for they are too cheap to use the whole moon. The were-jew when transformed does what every ordinary Jew does however they are 10 times cheaper and about 50 times better at Financing there money. The only way to kill a Were-Jew is to kill it with a bullet made out of pennies and soaked with the blood of a virgin Asian, only than will you be able to kill a Were-Jew. To find out whether you or a friend is a Were-Jew you must splash you or your friend with expensive brand name water, this has a similar effect that Holy Water has on demons where it burns them like sulphuric acid.
Richard: Michael did you hear that Kevin Thompson made 60 grand off of the stocks last night?
Michael: 60 Grand!? Impossible! He's not a Jew!... Unless he's a were-jew....
Richard: C'mon thats impossible he only got lucky....
Michael: Think about it last night only 1/16 of the moon came out and he rejected that bottle of Fiji water. Now this, only one possibility, Were-Jew.

Richard: OMG we better go melt down some pennies and get some blood from Bok Choi !
by BokChoyExtreme April 27, 2011
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A wolf where, upon the light of the full moon, becomes a hasidic jew, replete with hat, peyot (curls)d, and money pouch.
Every full moon, pork futures skyrocket as the Werejews prowl, and buy midnight latkes.
by Scott Kent VT baybee October 04, 2016
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