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Welpskin: A person who quite vacantly floats through life without really doing anything unless being prompted to by someone else, when confronted with orders to do something for themselves they tend to try and weasel their way out of it and just do a slack job resulting in annoying those around them. A welpskin never makes an effort to change their ways because they get a kick out of annoying their family/peers to the point where everyone around them accepts that they are dealing with a 'welpskin' and treats them like the slacker they are.
Axel: How long have you had that car in the drive for?

Anthony: About... a year and a half

Axel: and you haven't learnt to drive it yet? why not?

Dan: Because he's too much of a WELPSKIN to get out of bed, he'd much rather wallow in his own filth if he has a choice. You are a welpskin, what are you?

Anthony: I'm not a welpskin, I could learn if I wan....(cut off mid sentence)


Anthony: fine, I'm a welpskin.
by Barry 'ratboy' Bignor October 29, 2010
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