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A word to describe a city a city that has druggies hobos begging for money by an ugly bride a dirty river crack house weed farms sketchy ghetto lots of prostitution beer stores always busy and open extra late and hookers right across the street and if the beer stores are closed there's boot leggers across the street and drug dealers in every alley and a dumpy town so basically the hood and youths commit crime and corner stores sell bongs legally and drug dealers across the street two useless canals and crime and drugs labs every street highest drug rate in North America behind LA and some cities in Mexico also no one likes the city it has many gangs and you can hear gunshots when a drug deal goes wrong the beer sucks and don't visit you'll either get murdered, raped by pedifile driving in white vans asking if you if you want free candy and puppies, you'll get drunk or hooked on drugs, or kill yourself because it's so boring , or give all your money to hobos get mugged by sketchy people hiding in alleys it's basically the purge in real life you also have a bad feeling when you're surrounded by crime it smells like weed and sewage also you see high teens every where there's about 200 hobos in a town of 50,000 houses get robbed all the time people steal things out of your cars all the time also everyone is on welfare one of the poorest towns in Canada filled with poverty and hookers bootleggers dealers addicts welfare hobos guns crime
Don't visit Welland Ontario
by Zzzzzzz4556 July 23, 2016
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