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One who's on the dole and makes every excuse not to find a job. But this same person has spent the idle, working tax-payer provided funds to hone and refine many needed skills for those on Section 8, OW, or call it as it is: welfare. Such skills include, but aren't limited to: predicting the exact date and time the welfare fairy will deposit free money; stretching that mac n cheese/ramen noodle budget so that one on welfare can finance that BMW that those on welfare have; skimping on some non essentials (like dedicating funds to look for work) so that the service to the iPhone stays on; what stories work the best to get extra money to buy that bling that's obligatory; and how to create a savings plan to get multiple IDs so that the one on the dole can get more free money.
"Nat said that if I just keep watering down the milk all week, I can get the new iPhone 6 in no time!"

"Brilliant! A true welfaredamus!"
by sjm1974 September 29, 2014
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