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The coolest city-reppin' song in the rap game. Welcome To Chicago" by the rap group "Phyzical Thurapy" refers to the general areas of Chicago, Illinois. From Grant Park to Schaumburg, from area code (312) to (773), and from Highway 41 to Lakeshore Drive as being the best places on the face of the earth. Overall, this is the Chicago Anthem right here.

Check out their website at:
and their myspace page at:
These are their lyrics off google from their song "Welcome To Chicago"

"You can see us postin up from Grant Park to Schaumburg,
3-1-2... cook county all day,
7-7-3... all the way to dupage (dupage)
Highway 41... lake shore drive,

Welcome, Welcome to Chicago! this is how we ride slow!"
by Bryce Millz December 22, 2009
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