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The group of horny lil Facebook friends who make their appearance known to you within the WEEK of your relationship status changing to single.
1 *messenger notification*

Friend: Yo who the fuck is that? Didn't you just dump..?

You: Dude I know . Ever since I Said bye to Felecia my Welcome Parade is over 9000

2 *messenger notification*
Friend: Woah hold up, who's that? Didn't you JUST ended shit with... the one we don't talk about no mo

You: Omg I know.....Horny fucking savages!

Ever since I broke up with fuckboy all these randoms on my Facebook keep messaging me and creep liking old ass profile pictures.

I shit you not my Welcome Parade is up to 12 and none of them is cute.
by BVMBL3B33 July 20, 2016
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