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Weird Good. The word used to describe something that is initially alarming. However long after "weird good" has been proclaimed, the user generally is still in an alarmed state of mind. While it may seem like a back handed compliment, rest assured that "weird good" is just not a compliment at all. Weird Good can be used to describe alarming fashion choices, dastardly hair stylings, fragrant yet dysmal breath, or even captivatingly wretched personal hygiene. Weird Good symptons are impossible to miss, and can be quite commical. Often the subject being accused of being "weird good" will question your intent behind such an odd pairing of words. Don't worry, simply tell them you mean no harm, and that "weird good" actually means a unique and untapped beauty within the person that they should consider capitalizing on in the future (this ensures maximum lulz until the subject realizes "weird good" is just bad). Do not fret, "weird good" is not contagious, however you should stay at least an arms length away from the subject to avoid any awkward or meaningful glances from distressed pedestrians. Make sure to establish it is clear that you are not willingly associated with the subject. An easy way to do this is to just frown, shake your head, and look away any time the subject tries to talk to you in public. Weird good should be reserved for only the shockingly bizarre occasions. Enjoy!
"Wow! That outfit is striking. You look weird...but I mean it's know, weird good!"

"...uhh...thanks? Is that even a compliment?"

by justabystander:/ January 14, 2010
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