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She is the best you can ever look for in a girl. She is smart and very easy to talk to. Somebody everyone wishes that they could become. She will seat down, listen to your worries and give you comforting advices and hugs. A very compassionate girl.
Thanks for being a Weilin!”
Aw, you are such a Weilin”
by goddesswithhalo January 03, 2018
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Weilin: you know what’s the best part of having baby?
James: wut?
Weilin: making them.
James:God help bless Weilin.
by Willy zung September 30, 2018
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1. A Weilin means a girlish type of guy. They enjoy pretending that they are men, when secretly inside they wish to be like a girl. All Weilin enjoy sports, especially golf. They are smart but never concentrate in class, constantly getting yelled at by teachers because of gaming. When people say that their siblings are better than them in an area, they can always say that they aren't, even if the reason isn't true. All in all, Weilin are not as awesome as their siblings, so they need to work out more.

2. Can mean someone who is defined as mentally challenged and intellectually incompetent. Also can act stupid at times.
You are such a Weilin! Why did you wear super tight jeans today?

Person 1: I chipped my nail today! I'm so sad, I think im going to cry!
Person 2: Oh my god, don't be such a Weilin. Stop being so girly.
by B LI April 23, 2010
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