Self-explanatory, it's going in one hole or another... There is no stopping it
Timmy: Where is my Weighted Dildo raping machine?
Kelsey: I am using it right now, i will give it to you when i am done.
Timmy:I need it tomorrow because my friends are coming over tomorrow and we are going to experiment.
Sandra: Sounds fun, you will need to buy new batteries, because i have been using it all day.
Timmy: oh how did that go?
Sandra: it went well, it was running all day...
by WDRMaster May 15, 2010
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Machines used by women and men that are too afraid or misinformed to do an actual workout
I'm gonna go hit the calf raise and forearm weight machines even though I can barely do even a girl pushup.
by Real Fitness January 19, 2012
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