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One who is not noticed by the majority of his community during the week, but expresses great knowledge of the art of partying on weekends. When confronted during the week about the prior weekend, he/she shall give no immediate response or acknowledge any crazy ass fucking shit (awesome stuff) they partook in, nor shall he/she boast about his/her impressive sexual encounters. They keep to themselves and do not speak ill of others, however will put a person in their place if need be but will go no further. They may surprise others with their readiness (alcoholically speaking) for any party at any time, providing high quality alcohol without any hint towards where he/she acquired it because he/she knows better.
Student A: Hey man, i saw that kid over there (in the green sweater) chug 18 beers at the rager, then continue to save a cat out of a tree and drive it home and back without getting arrested. He came back with two hotties 3 hours later safely!
Student B: Yeah I know! I was there, ive never heard him speak and he denies it all when i ask him about it. I see girls approaching him everyday in school attempting to give them their numbers, but he just ignores them, the guy is a complete Weekend Savant!
by justanothervictimoftheghetto December 08, 2010
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