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A smoking game in which players attempt to throw ping pong balls across a table into an opponent's half-filled cups of water. Players are required to smoke pot from any of their game bowls if the opposing player sinks a shot (two sunk shots returns the ping pong balls). The first player to hit all their opponent's cups wins. The loser is required to smoke all remaining pot left on the table. For sanitary reasons the bowl should be boiled once per month for fear of LUPUS, but if you've ever played you know it doesn't really help.
Alex and Kevin are out of beer. They decide to finish their 2-2 beer pong series, by playing a game of weed pong. Kevin wins the weed pong game, thus winning the best of 5 series. Andy must finish the bowl, while watching two miller lite bottles frolick in front of his face.
by Wally Bogenstein August 17, 2007
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