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Someone that is not your friend but is someone you associate with on occasion for the purpose of participating in shared interests such as smoking Weed. A pocket category in between friend and acquaintance on the Interpersonal Relationship Scale.

*Interpersonal Relationship Scale*
Pocket Categories in ()

Enemies, (People you have contempt for), (People who annoy you), Acquaintance, (Weed Buddy), Friends, Bros, Sexual Partner, Family

The difference between a Weed Buddy and a friend is that the Weed Buddy has done something or acted in a way that makes it clear that he is either untrustworthy, useless, sketchy in nature, or he thinks your a tool. Another difference is that the relationship has a level of unequal reciprocity. Usually in your favor.

Unfortunately for the weed buddy the category itself is not something you progress through to become a Friend, rather, something you are drop down into because you fucked up and you know it.
Henry "...But we're cool right? We're friends?"

Dave *thinly veiled contempt* "Haha Yah...."

Henry is demoted to Weed Buddy.
by Thebusiestbusinessman June 16, 2018
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