A Weeaboo is somebody (often but not necessarily from western culture) who has become obsessed with japanese culture to the extent at which they have delusions of superiority and grandeur. They often have a bad idea of what japanese culture is and almost always follow Anime (Japanese cartoons), Manga (Japanese comics) and Hentai (Japanese cartoon-styled porn). Another similar term is Otaku. They almost always view western culture as superior and always want to be like their misunderstanding of japan.
Jim: Wow, Shaun is such a Weeaboo.
by epikguts24 November 18, 2016
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a Fat ass person who wants to be asain and watches hentai on his xbox 360.....
this fag is a weeaboo
by kill me albert senpai September 03, 2017
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An over exaggerated term used to describe people who are obsessed with Japan's culture. The term is now used to call out people who acknowledge the fact that Japan exists.
"I like Japan"
"You're such a cringy weeaboo kys"
by BrosifJoseph June 27, 2017
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A person who is obsessed with anime and says Japanese words, and will scream at someone who says anime is bad, adds Japanese endings to names, and buys useless Japanese weapons. They also have too much of a strong obsession for Japan and only knows things about Japan learned from shows.
Person: Did you see that person who wore Japanese letters on their shirt?
Other Person: Dude, that's a weeaboo, stay away.
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Somebody obsessed with Japanese culture. Usually takes the form of an anime or manga addiction. The majority of weeaboos (shortened form: weebs) are American teenagers with little to no social life.

Most anime fans are quick to say they're not a weeb when talking about anime to a broader audience than their fellow fans. The fact that these supposedly normal fans need to justify the "fact" that they're "normal" ends up making them look like the very group they're trying to distance themselves from. If you have to verbally insist that you're normal, you're probably not. "Normality" should be self-evident.

However, even anime fans who feverishly insist they're "not obsessed" have some hope. The very sad fact is that many anime fans go so far as to adopt weeaboo as a descriptive term for themselves, either not knowing or caring that it's an insult. Those people have no hope whatsoever.

One more thing: most weeaboos jerk off to hentai. They're that pathetic. "Normal" anime fans on Urban Dictionary write definitions for "anime" that repetitively insist, "it's not porn!1!" to little effect — nobody just assumes anime is purely porn. But people often do point out that there's an established genre of pornography based off of cartoons that gather an obsessive fanbase! That makes you, dear weeaboo, look weird. No matter how loudly you scream (in broken Japanese) that hentai and anime are completely different.
Weeaboos are fucking obsessed with anime.
by Brodo_Swaggins October 22, 2016
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Someone who loves anime (Japanese animation) so much that they act like their anime characters, try to speak Japanese, always talk about anime and buy anime merchandise etc. Not all of these make anyone a weeaboo, but doing one of the things that make someone a weeaboo too much can make anyone a weeaboo.
I don't consider myself as a weeaboo, but I sure do love watching anime.
by Indian anime February 25, 2017
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People who try to be Japanese and go in Japan without knowing anything about Japan. Weeaboos tend to think everything in Japan is in anime. The person who looked this up to say they are not a weeaboo
Tokyo includes lots of weeaboo tourists.
by Raspberry Monster April 21, 2017
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