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*Located in Wayne New Jersey
*Biggest piece of dump in the whole entire world.
*Home to the stupidest people in the Garden State.
*Filled with whores and little skanks
by i hate the patriots! December 18, 2004
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One of the two main high schools in Wayne, New Jersey. Home of the patriots, the majority of the town's population of guidos, and a whole bunch of bums, and burn outs. The more fortunate of the two schools, while not saying much. Although there are many good looking people at this school, Wayne valley (the opposing school) is home to the majority of hot guys in the town, not to mention better bands (with the possible exception of one or two). Most indie, and scene kids attending Wayne Hills wish that they went to valley.
Scene girl from Wayne Hills Highschool #1: hey, I'm going to Bamboozle both days and- *whole bunch of hot Valley guys pass by*

Scene girl from Hills #2: God I wish we went to Valley

Scene girl from Hills #1: Same. Here.
by dangskippy July 20, 2010
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