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Wayne Hills is a HUD apartment neighborhood in Portsmouth(AKA P-town), Ohio. Considered by everyone else to be full of drugies, bums, drug dealer, criminals, alcoholic, gangs, hookers, and prositutes. And its true to a point. I know cause I've lived there since I was born. Called 'the Hills' for short and is the sister apartment neighberhood of Farley Square AKA 'the Ville'. Step above living in the Bricks, which is a bunch of rundown brownstone apartments and a step below living in the East End, which is the east end of P-town. The only reason said above people live in the Hills is because they either can't find or get a job, or lost their job and had make ends meet somehow. Most people in the Hills think that they'll never get outta the Hills so they start drinking, doing drugs, etc.
example- I put with this kinda bullshit from kindergarden through 12 grade

*random person*: where do you live?
*me*:Wayne Hills.
*random person*:get away from me, you prositute/bum/drugie/etc. I bet you live/eat/etc. from a dumpster.I'm way better than you cause my family actually live in a house.*
*me*:*beats the shit out above person*Idiot. I'd love to see you try to live in the Hills and to have seen the things I've seen. You'd run home crying to your mom.
by Wayne Hills Rules April 30, 2009
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