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Probably the biggest joke of a high school in existence. It sits in the middle of the worst part of Wasteland.
It's more like a zoo than a school at all. All of the teachers think they are the shit when in reality only about 3 of them are good. The students are even worse though. If you aren't surrounded by juggalo posers, there are the tools, whores, and rejects from Inkster. Even worse are all of the scene kids and hipsters who think they are better than everyone else in existence, when in all reality, most of them are from shacktown and are worth shit. There is about 1% of students that are actually individuals.
The senior pranks always suck and the policies are more than retarded.
All of the sports teams pretty much suck and are stomped year after year. (Especially football.)
All in all a bad school but some students are pretty cool.
Idiot: Wow! Wayne Memorial has the best academic program evaaar and we have so many cool things to do and cool programs at Wayne Memorial!
Me: You will never get laid. Ever.

Hipster: Omg you'll never understand my taste in music and style. You're sucha nobody.
Me: You live in Westland and go to Wayne Memorial. You are better than no one.
by MedicalPhilanthropist September 01, 2011
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