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An all encompassing slang term for a person of Spanish/Hispanic origin, used with comedic, and somewhat derogatory overtones, developed by Italian-Americans in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. 1980s to present day.

The original 'Waygo' is known to have been derived from one of the two waiters at a Spanish restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey - 1985.

The Waygo is often clueless and can provide comic relief in their:
-Accented english
-Blank Stares
-Answering non "Yes” or “No" questions, with "Yes” or “No."

The mixing of the Spanish and English languages of these non-natives has also lead to an extensive list of 'Waygoisms,' variations of English words with Hispanic accents, and literal transla- tions of Spanish/Hispanic sayings directly to English.

Alternate Spelling(s): Weygo, Güeygo
SON: God,what is wrong with this guy,he messed up my order two time already!
DAD: He's a Waygo..what do you expect?!
by Kyle, Local January 26, 2015
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