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The Waxwing Crackas are the most dangerous of the gangs that reside in East Amherst. They are famous for their notorious rivalry with the cross street gang, the Tohee Thugs. The Waxwing Crackas or sometimes referred to as the WC are involved in illegal activities such as blocking the road for street hockey games, paintballing paradise park and murdering who ever the fuck they want. The WC originated as a side project of the Tohee Thugs. The Thugs decided to recruit younger members and eventually bring them up the ranks; this plan backfired as the WC branched out from the Thugs and a cross-street rivalry was born. Even though the gang is named after Waxwing lane, high ranking WC members reside in Redwing CT, and one member resides on the dangerous Tohee CT. The Waxwing Crackas are very influential in the Buffalo suburb of East Amherst, as they have their hands in illegal immigrant smuggling, and racketeering. It is unknown of the initiation practices to become a member, but the gang is rumored to roll between 5 and 1380 deep. It is also believed that several Amherst police are under their payroll. This gang is considered heavily armed and extremely dangerous, if approached by one of the members, stay calm and avoid eye contact.
The Waxwing Crackas run shit in East Amherst.
by rMdda October 21, 2008
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