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Def 1. noun. a combination of the words water and sauce, defined by a ten year old at the dinner table. specific term : That nasty red water on the plate when you are eating pasta with a tomato based sauce. Debatable whether it comes from improperly drained pasta, or the addition of water to the sauce while it is being made. Def2. Any bad sauce,Nothing you really want to wipe up off the plate with bread when finished eating. Could be any sauce that is bad, or combinations of bad stuff on a plate.

Def3. A person whos attitude is bad, unfriendly, or just generally isn't fun
Def 1. I was eating spaghetti last night, there was so much wauce on the plate I had to drain it in the sink. Def2. Can you believe they put that wauce on that steak, it ruined it, I wouldn' wipe it up with a floor mop! Def3. Man, stay away from that dude he is wauce!
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