A popular antiscience blog maintained by Anthony Watts. It works something like this:

- A new scientific paper is published on climate
- The media will convey the results of said paper to their readers
- Inevitably some outlets will misconstrue the findings of the study
- If the distortion challenges Anthony Watts' denialism (e.g. Climate Change is an even bigger problem then our current state of knowledge indicates) he will uncharitably pounce on the error and pretend bad press reporting is a reflection of climate science itself
- But if the distortion strengthens his position (i.e. Climate Change is a crock of shit) the impulse to ridicule some aspect of the story is miraculously suspended

Promotes a new hypothesis to explain global warming each week ("I'm making this a sticky") hoping nobody notices how the latest explanation nullifies the previous one, complete with obligatory picture of a collapsed wind turbine, fire breathing Al Gore, and an infographic showing how much traffic his site gets.

Favourite quote: "Science isn't done by consensus. Anyway, my blog is way more popular than yours."

Cited approvingly by Judith Curry after having her feelings hurt by Gavin Schmidt (whom she secretly fancies).
Watts Up With That?: "It was the Sun all along. Who knew?"
by ThePowerofX September 4, 2011
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