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An Australian term that refers to ones inability to harden up.

To be a "Watery Arse" is to be someone who is coward, a person lacking of something important or to be missing a sack.

Watery Ass is a way of saying that person goes to water and is an Australian Insult.
Example 1:
Robbo: 'Do you know if Stevo ask Beryl out?"
Jono: 'Nah mate, hes a watery arse!"

Example 2:
Group *singing*: 'Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot...'
Bloke: 'Nah mate, I have to drive'
Blokes Mate: 'Fucking watery arse'

Example 3:
Browny: 'Did you hear that sly c**t pinched Smithy's Mrs and legged it?'
Red: ' not suprised mate, that bloke has always been a watery arse'
by Jaanaism March 16, 2018
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To be scared or frightened to do something. Or to be soft or weak
What? You won't jump of that! Ya watery arse!
by Tbonehardy May 21, 2016
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