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Watertown NY located 30 south of the Canadian border and 1 hour north of Syracuse NY better known as the pimple of upstate NY where you seldom see amish buggies and military vehicles on the same road. Winters are very harsh which gives it the allusion of being free of mentally disturbed and homeless people as the fridged cold keeps them snug in there hud housing with free heap heating. The only place where you could be the mayer,have a radio talk show, own a bar and be investigated by the lottery commission all at the same time. Just a wonderful place if your down on your luck and don't mind crows and and the occasional smell of raw cow shit.
I done just got relocated to fort drum army base and them watertown girls sure do like african men.

Good to meet you John, where are you from? John; Oh I'm from Watertown NY. Stranger; Where the fuck is that?
by Quick1234 January 17, 2011
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watetown ny, located in between two major places canada and syracuse, used to be a place where nice white families would come a live. But now it's full of trap houses, meth heads, dirty homeless people and skanky white hoes. Watertown High school is full of stupid light skinned niggas who are unfaithful and think they can fuck anyone. So don't fuck any of them because you might catch something, also don't think you'll be ina faithful relationship with any of them because well... that'll just never happen. Also if you find your self at a party here once ina blue moon make sure not to take any acid or meth from one of the white crackhead crackers in the corner. Also basically no one grows up and does things with their life, they stay in this boring ass town like their parents did and restart the cycle again. Oh also all the seniors date freshman here and think it's okay.
"Hey before we fuck how many other boys have you had sex with"

"Uhh.. only 17 this week"
"Wow you're from watertown nyaren't you"

"Yeah how'd you know"

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