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Waterbury career academy high school a fake ass wanna be “private” school is full of attention seeking whores and think their attitude is cute asf. Males that stand in the hallway with their head phones on singing loud asf which we know won’t turn out to be shit. The principal stalk you on his cameras & bitch about dress code every damn day like it’s a deadly weapon which doesn’t help the fact that they have the AC on in the winter, we’re only allowed to wear thick ass black shirts all yr and niggas be burning up in June. subs that don’t speak English, principle favorite kids and leave the others out. Everybody is basically pussies there tbh, talk shit when you’re not around for attention. It’s not about learning in this piece of shit it’s about passing your classes bc the teachers don’t teach shit and they are alll crazy asf.
Outsider: you’re in high school and didn’t learn this?

Waterbury career academy high school student: the teachers don’t teach us shit there
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by Waterbury May 23, 2018
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