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When you are fucking a fat girl from behind, and as your pelvis smacks against her ass, ripples extend all the way up her back much in the fashion that a waterbed ripples end-to-end when you only step on one side.
1: Did you see that girl I was grinding with at the club last night?
2: Yeah, but she was kinda fat, dude.
1: I was just gonna say, I could feel some waterbedding just when we were dancing so I bet it would be out of control if I took her home.
2: So what did you do instead?
1: .....itookherhome , D: D: D:
by I_<3_FAT_BITCHES_.COM January 29, 2012
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An extremely large bellied woman is laying spread eagle on your bed and while you are eating her out she lifts her belly up and drops it on your head. Effectively recreating the ripple of a water bed in her belly fat.
Beatrice water bedded me while I was performing fellatio on her vaginal region. She was water bedding me because I am a naughty boy.
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by Bbbrizzle November 06, 2017
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